Jerry Thomas’ Bartenders Guide - Jerry Thomas

Jerry Thomas’ Bartenders Guide

By Jerry Thomas

  • Release Date: 2015-12-18
  • Genre: Bebidas
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This 1862 classic includes the following recipes:

Hints and Rules for Bartenders
Brandy Cocktail
Improved Brandy Cocktail
Whiskey Cocktail
Improved Whiskey Cocktail
Gin Cocktail
Old Tom Gin Cocktail
Improved Gin Cocktail
Bottle Cocktail
Champagne Cocktail
Coffee Cocktail
Vermouth Cocktail
Fancy Vermouth Cocktail
Absinthe Cocktail
Japanese Cocktail
Manhattan Cocktail
Jersey Cocktail
Soda Cocktail
Saratoga Cocktail
Martinez Cocktail
Morning Glory Cocktail
Brandy Crusta
Whiskey Crusta
Gin Crusta
Brandy Daisy
Whiskey Daisy
Santa Cruz Rum Daisy
Gin Daisy
Mint Julep
Gin Julep
Whiskey Julep
Pineapple Julep
The Real Georgia Mint Julep
Brandy Smash
Gin Smash
Whiskey Smash
Brandy Fix
Gin Fix
Santa Cruz Fix
Whiskey Fix
Brandy Drinks
Brandy Straight
Pony Brandy
Brandy and Soda
Brandy and Ginger Ale
Split Soda and Brandy
Brandy and Gum
Sherry Cobbler
Champagne Cobbler
Catawba Cobbler
Hock Cobbler
Claret Cobbler
Sauterne Cobbler
Whiskey Cobbler
Saratoga Brace Up
Pousse l’Amour
Santina’s Pousse Cafe
Parisian Pousse Cafe
Faivre’s Pousse Cafe
Saratoga Pousse Cafe
Brandy Scaffa
Brandy Champerelle
West India Couperee
White Lion
Santa Cruz Sour
Gin Sour
Whiskey Sour
Brandy Sour
Jersey Sour
Egg Sour
Apple Toddy
Cold Brandy Toddy
Hot Brandy Toddy
Cold Gin Toddy
Hot Gin Toddy
Cold Whiskey Toddy
Cold Irish Whiskey Toddy
Egg Noggs
Egg Nogg
Hot Egg Nogg
Egg Nogg for a Party
Sherry Egg Nogg
General Harrison’s Egg Nogg
Baltimore Egg Nogg
Santa Cruz Fiz
Whiskey Fiz
Brandy Fiz
Gin Fiz
Silver Fiz
Golden Fiz
Brandy Sling
Hot Brandy Sling
Gin Sling
Hot Gin Sling
Whiskey Sling
Hot Whiskey Sling
Rum Drinks
Hot Spiced Rum
Hot Rum
Blue Blazer
Tom and Jerry
How to Serve Tom and Jerry
Scotch Whiskey Skin
Irish Whiskey Skin
Columbia Skin
Tom Collins Whiskey
Tom Collins Brandy
Tom Collins Gin
Hot Brandy Flip
Hot Rum Flip
Hot Whiskey Flip
Hot Gin Flip
Cold Brandy Flip
Cold Rum Flip
Cold Gin Flip
Cold Whiskey Flip
Port Wine Flip
Sherry Wine Flip
Mulled Drinks
Mulled Wine, with Eggs
Mulled Cider
Mulled Wine
Mulled Wine without Eggs
Port Wine Sangaree
Sherry Sangaree
Brandy Sangaree
Gin Sangaree
Ale Sangaree
Porter Sangaree
Port Wine Negus
Port Wine Negus
Soda Negus
English Bishop
Quince Liqueur
Currant Shrub
Raspberry Shrub
Brandy Shrub
Rum Shrub
Brandy Punch
Brandy and Rum Punch
Gin Punch
Medford Rum Punch
Santa Cruz Rum Punch
Hot Irish Whiskey Punch
Hot Scotch Whiskey Punch
Cold Whiskey Punch.*
Milk Punch
Hot Milk Punch
Manhattan Milk Punch
Egg Milk Punch
El Dorado Punch
Claret Punch
Sauterne Punch
Vanilla Punch
Sherry Punch
Orgeat Punch
Curaçao Punch
Roman Punch
St. Charles’ Punch
Seventh Regiment National Guard Punch
Sixty-Ninth Regiment Punch
Punch Grassot
Maraschino Punch
Champagne Punch
Mississippi Punch
Imperial Brandy Punch
Hot Brandy and Rum Punch
Rocky Mountain Punch
Imperial Punch
Thirty-Second Regiment or Victoria Punch
Light Guard Punch
Philadelphia Fish-House Punch
La Patria Punch
The Spread Eagle Punch
Rochester Punch
Non-Such Punch
Canadian Punch
Tip-Top Brandy
Bimbo Punch
Cold Ruby Punch
Soyer’s Gin Punch
Arrack Punch
Nuremburg Punch
Imperial Arrack Punch *
United Service Punch
Pineapple Punch
Royal Punch
Century Club Punch
California Milk Punch
English Milk Punch
Oxford Punch
Punch à la Romaine
Duke of Norfolk Punch
Tea Punch
Gothic Punch
Punch à la Ford
Punch Jelly
Dry Punch
Regent’s Punch
Nectar Punch
Orange Punch
Wedding Punch
West Indian Punch
Barbadoes Punch
Apple Punch
Ale Punch
Cider Punch
Hot Flips
Hot English Rum Flip
Hot English Ale Flip
White Tiger’s Milk
Sherry Drinks
Sherry and Bitters
Sherry and Egg
Sherry and Ice
Shandy Gaff
Half and Half
“Arf and Arf.”
Absinthe and Water
French Method of Serving Absinthe
Gin and Wormwood
Rhine Wine and Seltzer Water
White Plush
Rock and Rye
Stone Fence
Boonekamp and Whiskey
Jerry Thomas’ Own Decanter Bitters
Burnt Brandy and Peach
Black Stripe
Peach and Honey
Gin and Pine
Gin and Tansy
Temperance Drinks
Milk and Seltzer
Saratoga Cooler
Plain Lemonade
Soda Lemonade
Egg Lemonade
Orgeat Lemonade
Fine Lemonade for Parties
Soda Nectar
Nectar for Dog Days
Soda Cocktail
English Fancy Drinks
Claret Cup, à la Brunow
Champagne Cup, à la Brunow
Balaklava Nectar
Crimean Cup, à la Marmora
Crimean Cup, à la Wyndham
Claret Cup
Porter Cup
Claret Cup, à la Lord Saltoun
Mulled Claret, à la Lord Saltoun
Italian Lemonade
Bishop à la Prusse
Bottled Velvet
English Curaçao
Syrups, Essences, Tinctures, Colorings, etc
Plain Syrup
Gum Syrup
Lemon Syrup
Essence of Lemon
Essence of Cognac
Solferino Coloring
Tincture of Orange Peel
Tincture of Lemon Peel
Tincture of Cloves
Tincture of Cinnamon
Tincture of Allspice
Tincture of Gentian
Aromatic Tincture
Prepared Punch and Punch Essences
Essence of Roman Punch for Bottling
Essence of Kirschwasser Punch for Bottling
Essence of Brandy Punch for Bottling
Essence of Bourbon Whiskey Punch
Essence of Rum Punch
Essence of St. Domingo Punch for Bottling
Essence of Punch D’Orsay for Bottling
Empire City Punch for Bottling
Imperial Raspberry Whiskey Punch for Bottling
Duke of Norfolk Punch for Bottling
Essence of Rum Punch for Bottling
Essence of Arrack Punch for Bottling
Essence of Wine Punch for Bottling
Essence of Claret Wine Punch for Bottling
Essence of Regent Punch for Bottling
Prepared Cocktails for Bottling
Brandy Cocktail for Bottling
Brandy Cocktail for Bottling
Gin Cocktail for Bottling
Bourbon Cocktail for Bottling